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Golfers' Feet Insoles

Widely recognised as the number one insole for golfers in the USA. Golfers' Feet help provide Perfect Balance for a Perfect Drive !

In golf, 95% of balance is lost on the downswing because of the weight distribution being applied improperly from heel to toe and side to side. Golfer's Feet 'barefoot balance' provides equal weight distribution which not only improves your game but eliminates the pain!

The Benefits of Golfers' Feet Insoles include:

  • Better balance, stability and support
  • An effective cushion for your feet
  • Size options enable good fit to shoe
  • Helps reduce foot fatigue

According to Ben Doyle PGA Instructor since 1944 and ranked 36th in the All Time Golf Digest; "Balance dictates swing tempo, swing path, contact and club release. Nothing affects the golf swing more."

Choose Golfers' Feet Insoles, feel the balance and get better distance - improve your feet and your golf!

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