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HappyFeet UK - What Our Customers Say

At HappyFeet here in the UK, we love to hear how our products may have delivered benefit, you can write to us using our online contact form or by email at don't worry about the spelling or grammar, we know exactly what you mean and promise not to doctor (no pun intended) your comments in any way.

Raymond ........"The Happy Feet insoles are an amazing product and have been life changing for me so I wish you all the best of luck in the UK market. I look forward to doing business with you and will recommend your product to my friends and family."
Rebecca Jessup

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"I felt I just had to tell you how pleased I am with your insoles I have suffered for years with plantar fleichities which has given me a lot of pain for many years and I retired early because of it having tried many things including insoles made by an nhs podiatrist. Having worn your insoles for less than a week I am now virtually pain free It's great and will be ordering some more shortly. I have also recommended them to friends with similar problems."
J D Green

"Replacement insoles received this morning. Many thanks - what a fantastic service. ...... Again my thanks for an excellent customer service. A credit to the Happy Feet brand."
Derek Pearce

"Thanks so much for the very smooth order and delivery. I cannot praise these insoles any higher, they are amazing. I have had very severe long term pain following a car crash almost 20 years ago when I fractured my pelvis. I am bedridden a lot of the time but when I am up and about these insoles have made a huge difference to me. I am now walking upright for the first time in many years which then eases the pressure on my pelvis thus significantly reducing my pain. I can therefore be on the go far more than I would have done before. I am totally converted and although not cheap would encourage anyone to give the insoles a go. I let my mum and mother in law try mine and they immediately imediately asked me to order them a pair. That says it all really! All the est and many thanks once again"
Carol Thomson

"Thank you, i am so pleased with my buy, happy feet is worth every penny, i am passing on to lots of people i know how good they are, and my boss is sending for some in the near future..."
Jayne Williams

"I would like to say how fantastic your insoles are. For years I have danced Flamenco which really gives your feet a pounding. When I became a Diabetic my feet became so sensitive that I found it difficult to walk at times never mind dance This made me very sad as I have always loved my beautiful shoes and now I was unable to wear of them. My husband bought me a pair of your insoles at a County Fair last summer and I have worn them every day since even taking them on holiday to Barbados. My feet have so improved that last week I wore a pair of high heels for the first time in five years, which so improved my self confidence. I have high hopes of returning to flamenco."
Patricia Freeth

Daniel ........."THANKYOU, you didn't have to send the second pair, as you only took my word on them, my husband was thrilled with your service, you are a credit to the company. Have a good day"
Michele Heath.

Refund - "Thank you very much for the refund of £34.95 after unfortunately the happy feet insoles didn't work for my husband. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other people in the same circumstances."
Dawn Sandy

Re: Lost Insole - "Thank you, thank you, thank you !! I will put them in a pillow case next time! You have made my day."
Debra Hagan

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