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Clinical Study 1 - HappyFeet Insoles

In this randomised controlled efficacy study, Gary Merrel M.D. Laura Miller R.V.T. and Marisssa Campbell examined the efficacy (effectiveness) of HappyFeet Insoles on the Circulatory System and Lower Extremity Health

The Clinical Study was prefaced as follows:

Venous Stasis is a common disorder and places the general population at risk for deep vein thrombosis, lower extremity edema, cellulitis, thrombophlebitis and many other complications of compromised circulation.

Because of the vast number of people affected by this disorder and the potential benefits of HappyFeet® insoles on the circulatory system, the primary investigators, including Sona Imaging Solutions, Inc., and 1910 Consulting, were interested in determining the efficacy of HappyFeet® insole use on the circulatory system and lower extremity health. While there have been efficacy studies on the effects on shoe insoles in regards to pain perception, there is no previous data on an insole that can increase circulation, reduce pain and overall fatigue.1-5

happy case study
golfers feet insoles
happy feet for her insoles
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Objectives & Control Measures Adopted

Results & Conclusions of The Clinical Study

Methodology Used

About the Participants

Pain Perception Results

golfers feet insoles
happy feet for her insoles
happy feet massaging insoles


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