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Insoles for Tired & Sore Feet

happy feet for tired sore feet

Almost everyone at some time suffers from tired & sore feet; after a day on your feet you arrive home and your feet are painful, sometimes swollen & simply tired!

We all know the problem but what’s the solution?
You could try to find some kind-hearted soul willing to give a soothing, relaxing foot massage to get circulation back to normal in feet and lower legs, but think how much better you would feel if you could recieve a foot massage all day?

Understanding Your Feet

Believe it or not, your feet originally developed to work best when shoeless while walking in soft dirt. Because loose soil reshapes instantaneously, pressure is transferred from the point of impact to all the foot’s other muscles, tendons and ligaments.

This constant reaction to pressure creates a natural massaging action as all those complex systems on the bottom of your feet work in close coordination to allow you to maintain balance.


So Why Wear Shoes

The discomfort of walking on thorns and other sharp objects led to invention of the first footwear. Now, a few thousand years later concrete surfaces make up today’s biggest barrier to the natural comfort that would come if all of us were still walking in soft dirt.

Today most of us wear shoes to protect our feet from long hours on hard, unyielding and smooth floors. But that comes at a big cost: no more natural sharing of the burden of our weight over the entire foot. It makes sense that the parts doing more work than they were designed to handle become fatigued while the other parts suffer from under-use.

3 for 2 happy feet insoles

Happy Feet Insoles

HappyFeet® Insoles set feet to doing their thing as nature intended with all parts of your foot sharing the load. Containing a bed of pharmaceutical-grade glycerin, HappyFeet instantaneously react to pressure in just the same way soft dirt takes on the proper shapes for maximum comfort.

With HappyFeet you are taking a step in the right direction – a big step to avoiding “worker’s feet”. You won’t necessarily want to go dancing after a hard day on the job wearing HappyFeet but, on the other hand, you won’t be begging for relief from the pain and swelling you used to endure.

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