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Meet The HappyFeet Team

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Raymond Boyd
Managing Director

Raymond is responsible for the day to day running of HappyFeet here in the UK.

He has over 40 years’ experience dealing with the care industry and is a qualified Health and Safety Professional and trainer.

Raymond keeps a watchful eye on the products we offer and is responsible for ensuring only quality products are available to his customers.

Dayne Boyd

Dayne is responsible for the sales development side of the business.

Finding and overseeing Independent retailer sales, coordinating retailer trade shows all over the UK and managing product development and merchandising.

He has over 8 years’ experience within the family Health and Safety businesses and believes this experience has been essential to bring a family based customer service to HappyFeet UK.

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daniel wilde happy feet

Daniel Wilde
Customer Service Manager

Daniel oversees the internal processes of the company, with the most important being customer service.

Daniel has been with the company since its inception and always strives to ensure a smooth running service and customer satisfaction.

Shannon Harvey
Customer Service Assistant

Shannon assists Daniel in his role as Customer Services Manager. She is responsible for dealing with all our internet sales orders from taking payment through to arranging the delivery to our customers.

Shannon is our customer’s first point of contact and ensures our customer services is to a high standard at all times.

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victoria stitt happy feet

Victoria Stitt
Event Sales Executive

Victoria is the sales face of HappyFeet UK.

Attending trade shows up and down the country promoting Happy Feet insoles, giving customers, new and old, the opportunity to try the products.

If you meet Victoria at a trade show, she'll be delighted to answer any questions you may have and give reassurance on the quality of the HappyFeet UK brand.

Jan Marshall
Company Secretary

Jan acts as the Company Secretary for the limited company. Jan’s forte is accounts and is responsible for keeping the financial records straight.

Jan has over 25 years’ experience working with accounts for companies and organisations

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